EnErgo αποκλειστικός αντιπρόσωπος



New Generation Smart Electronic Control Management: Electronic microprocessor control management system, which controls and arranges all operation functions of water booster with twin and triple pumps, supplies economic and safe usage. Control management system is collected in a compact interior and outer designed panel is delivered as assemblied onto water booster and as all connections are prepared.

Alarko Carrier rises quality standard level presented to its users by experiences for semi-century and developments and innovations on ALD water boosters. It presents economic and reliable solutions to keep the irrigation and process water on the requested level by special designed, compacted and reliable water boosters.


Economic by high efficient engines are electronic controlled,

Matchless protected by increased safety systems,

More esthetical by LCD control panel,

More ergonomic by compact structure,

User friendly software

Complying with building automation systems (Optional)

Time saving by simple installation

More quiet